Fancy Jam Pot Mould

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 Sizing Details- 

This is available in one size. Ready to be shipped to your home asap. 

finished bomb - 8cm tall x 7cm wide x 2.5cm deep


Unmoulding tip with Plastic for bath bombs-

Pack the details like the face and bottom and top edges of this mould so all the details show well, next lightly pack the rest of the bomb. Overfill the mould and scrape away over the bottom of the mould flat before flipping and leaving to dry on a flat surface. This flat bottom prevents cracking and movement of the bath mix. Let them dry at least 2 hours before trying to move them. 

Melt and pour soap can be used in this mould, but not cold process as it will eat the plastic chemically. Keep in mind if you are using it for temperatures above 65 degrees this will warp the mould. 

Caring for your mould-

Like any plastics, the best care is to keep them away from direct sunlight, high temperatures, bleach, and the dishwasher. Plastic can scratch and this might catch your bath bomb mix. For cleaning simply wash in warm soapy water in the sink, rinse and leave to air dry.


PET Plastic-

This is a food-safe plastic, the same as what is used to make water bottles etc. (so this mould can be used to make chocolates, jelly, mousse, frozen beverages etc)

Importantly PET plastic is completely recyclable, this can be popped into your recycling bin if it no longer functions without the worry about plastic in the environment.

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