The SudHub


What is it?

This has been a long term project that we are excited to bring you. After many long talks about how to best help our community and makers world wide we have come up with an exciting solution.

We have created a group forum that gives all of us a stage to help those that need support and have a thirst to learn.

We want to put you in the drivers seat for your own learning pace, while also having the option to share your knowledge and help others.

We are attempting to do this a few ways.

First is the ability to have input driven content and learning, not just static files or blogs. This approach instead uses a wide range of in-depth topics that were important to people with a passion for bath product making. Topics such as self care, DIY hacks, troubleshooting, recipes, videos, marketing and environmental issues are just some of the subjects we feel come together as a whole comprehensive package. 

Secondly we want to share knowledge of trends and keeping up with what is happening globally, such as new ingredients, techniques, releases and information as they hit the market. 

Lastly we really wanted members to have a space to take over and make it their own. We don't just want one voice and one way dictating learning. Instead we have built the hub in a way that everyone can share and be seen. 

I really, truly believe that we can all get much further as a team than as competing individuals. With direct feedback, suggestions and support we can drive our own learning and teaching. With each person that shares we grow so much further in our mission to enjoy and support one another through our journeys. 

I hope you are as excited as we are about the potential of this big project, we hope you join us and take part in this community that really wants to see you succeed and cheer on your growth.

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