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Please let us know which colours you would like in your notes. Please also be advised of availability, if it is not available on the website chances are it will have to be made on-demand. This make take a few weeks to process and will have delays. Please send us an email with questions and we would be happy to let you know lead times before you order.





Decorate as much as you want without concern about bleeding, colours, sugars, waxes, or miscellaneous additives. This is pure soap! even better this is cold process soap! no concerns about heat, sweating or melting. This will pack well, perform well, and will quickly become a must-have for your go-to supplies. 


To use take a small amount and start kneading/warming up in your hands to make it pliable. You do not need to apply any other heat.
To maintain the pliable nature of your soap dough, always keep it sealed and avoid air contact. Once Soap Dough has been exposed to the air it will begin to cure, or evaporate water, and harden. This turns it into usable hard soap.

If you find the dough too sticky you can add a small amount of cornstarch and mix through. Alternatively, you can let it rest in the open air for a while and it will slowly thicken/harden.

If your soap dough is drying out too quickly as you are working with it then it is safe to spray with Isopropyl alcohol in small amounts to help with consistency. 

 Ingredients- Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Water, Rice Bran Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Skin Safe Neon Pigment (Isophoronediamine/Isophthalic Acid/Pentaerythritol Copolymer)

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