Saver Pack - Neon Set

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You asked for it so it has been organised! Yes! This is an ongoing savings deal of 30%

This is a savings pack for all your rainbow needs. Cheaper savings rather than buying individually, this is great as a grab all or a starting pack. As such we have this available in a saving pack size. 

This pack includes one of each -

Emergency Red

Crazy Pink

Safety Yellow

Amber Yellow

Orange Fanta

Green Lights

Power Blue

Aggressive Violet

This pigment is just incredible colour. If you need something with a punch for your bombs this is it! This concentrated colour work great and a little goes a long way. They are UV responsive and emit back after shining with a UV light. 

This pigment does not dissolve in water, as such, it will not colour your water or your bubbles to the intensity a water-soluble dye would. The primary use is to colour the actual bath bomb (or product) for a maximum colour factor. For best results in a bath bomb, it is recommended to be mixed in a small amount of oil first and then with Poly80 into your mix for best results for dispersion in the water. 

These of course can also be used for other projects such as used as pigment for most clear and semi-opaque bases such as a colourant for sand, nail art, and of course soap. 

These are a very fine powder so please use care when mixing (treat the same as a slsa powder). 

INCI: Isophoronediamine/Isophthalic Acid/Pentaerythritol Copolymer

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