S.O.S Extreme Dark Purple Dye

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Big sizes for big savings! Super-concentrated water-soluble cosmetic colourant. Powder colours for bath bombs, foods, soaps, liquids, bubble bars, M&P soaps and more.

Tech specs


CI Number: CI16185 CI73015

CAS Number:  915-67-3, 860-22-0


Please note:

This dye is water soluble this means it is a different colour in dry powder from the final colour. Some people 'bloom/activate' in bicarb soda to produce the colour in their bath bombs. You can also mix with a small amount of hot water to activate before putting into your mix. The true magic happens when the concentrated dye hits the bath water and the vivid colours come alive.

  The pictures in the gallery are examples of bloomed colour in baking soda, finished products using the dyes and the colour in the water. 

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