Four Piece Round Set

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A classic round that is easy to use and has endless decorating opportunities! 

We have bundled this with an indented optional extra. This is great for adding decorations that might otherwise fall off. 

This is available in one size. This is printed to order so please allow up to 5 business days for your product to be made, packed and shipped.


Sizing Details- 

Please note these are medium size! Sometimes photos seem quite large.

Mould (all pieces stacked together) - 78mm round x 70mm deep

Finished Bomb - 62mm round (this can vary depending how much mix you put in as an added saturn ring)

The weight of your bath bomb will vary depending on your recipe. With mine, this made about a 170g bath bomb. 


This is made from PLA+ Material. It is printed on a 3d printer and as such has speciality care conditions (please see below).  


Stipulations and care-

Please be aware this is not a food-safe product and should not be used for food preparation.

This mould is to be hand-washed only and is NOT dishwasher safe. Please only wash with cold water. Towel Dry after washing in cold water. Please do not soak moulds in water as they can retain water which will activate your bombs. Also, soaking moulds will cause the bond between the layers to weaken and your mould will become fragile over time.

The temperature will affect this mould and warp it in a way that cannot be fixed. Microwaves, garages (or other non-temperature controlled spaces like cars) and direct sunlight are all best avoided with this mould.

You may need to add a mould release product (Cyclomethicone, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, etc) to the mould to help cleanly remove your mixture.

Please note with any printed product they are subject to minor surface defects, minor colour and tiny dimensional deviation etc. This will not affect the performance of the piece and as close to 100% is always the goal.

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