Glow in the Dark - White Powder with Blue Glow

Looking for something a bit different? 

These glow in the dark pigments are a crowd-pleaser for the young and the young at heart.  These are used in wash-off products and are best 'charged' with a bright light before use. That being said they are really fun and a great addition to a seasonal line or even themes. Spooky cute ghosts, witchy cauldrons, cat eyes, radioactive rubber duckies, or even some cute gemstones will keep your bath game strong. 


Technical Information-

-Strontium Aluminate Phosphor

Recommendations - Because of the nature of this product please use a dust mask when using in your mix. Also, adjusting quantities and trials may be necessary to achieve a subtle glow to a bright glow. This charging of the pigments by shining a bright light on them will also affect their brightness.


Please Note - 

We are only selling this as part of our Halloween limited edition range. As there are limited quantities we are only selling in a set size. We have one set size as it will do quite a few batches/multiple batches for you and everyone has a chance to enjoy and share. 


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