Embeds Rainbow Fails

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Our fails are your bargains. Sometimes our perfect bars don't work out, that is okay we dust our sparkly selves off and try again. This slightly imperfect shape gets turned to rainbow fails, shapes that you can easily use our colour, convenience and hard work for savings. 

These 'rocks' are in tubs of 250grams at least. This will make whole batches of bath bombs.


Tech specs

These will vary slightly with colours available at the time. The different colours and CI numbers will be printed onto the container.


Directions - Place in your bath bombs as you make them, you can stack them or lay them different ways or break them into different shapes as needed. Get all the applause and high fives for fantastic bombs.

Please be aware mixing different colour combinations will result in different bathwater as a result. please experiment and enjoy to see which ones you like and which to avoid. 


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