Square Embeds Black

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Taking your bath bomb art to the next level with quality and convenience! 

The best colours ideally pre-made into ready to go embeds. Throw them in your bombs for a next-level colour burst without the hassle of the process of blooming, drying, packing and storing. Handmade by an expert bath bomb maker for a great steal of a price. These can be made in bulk levels or requests when time versus money is really a big issue. Let us do the boring homework bit so you can get creating!

Please note this will not change your bath water to a jet black inky water. This will colour the foam as it comes out and look great. If you are after products for black bath water please see our water soluble dyes and information on black bath bombs.

The size of these is 1cm cubed.

Tech specs


CI Number: 50420 

CI Name: Acid Black 2

CAS Number:  101357-32-8, 8005-03-6

EC Number:  309-930-4 

Directions - place in your bath bombs as you make them. Get all the applause and high fives for fantastic bombs.


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