Embed Dust Forest Green

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Taking your bath bomb art to the next level with quality and convenience! 

The best colours ideally pre-made into ready to go embed dust. This versatile heavy dyed mix is easy to use and is great value for money. Sprinkle directly into your bomb as you make them (using a bottle with a wide neck also helps with accuracy and clean up) Throw them in your bombs for a next-level colour burst without the hassle of the process of blooming, drying, packing and storing. Handmade by an expert bath bomb maker exclusively for SudOff. These can be made in bulk levels or requests when time versus money is really a big issue. Let us do the boring homework bit so you can get creating!

These are a cram-packed full bag, These are at least 180grams of dust and will colour pack many sets of bombs. (any extra is a little bonus from us to you)

Tech specs


CI Number: CI19140, CI42090

CAS Number: 1934-21-0, 3844-45-9

Directions - place in your bath bombs as you make them. Get all the applause and high fives for fantastic bombs.


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