Disposable Bubble Tea Containers - Small Panda Bear

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These are plastic containers with approx 360ml capacity (liquid) This would fill all the way to the top so I would say 200grams of bath products.

You could really decorate this up (think loofahs or crumble or texta on to draw faces. Or keep them with a bomb and a cute straw. 

These would also look great with layers of colours or whipped soaps inside. there is a hole for a straw in the top which you could seal with clear tape if you needed it more airtight. 

Set of One (1xtop and 1xbottom)

Set of ten (10x top and 10x bottom)



bottom cup measurements

8cm round at the top. Rounded 6cm bottom for stability. 8cm tall. 


Top piece lid measurements

9cm round, 6cm tall. 

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