Auroradyz Neon/Fluorescent Colourant - Green

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Our neon pigments are extremely versatile, allowing for super vibrant colour or pastel shades, dependent upon usage rates, making them fantastic value for money. Neon pigments are also stable in cold-process, hot process, and melt & pour soap, making them an excellent choice to achieve those clean and colourful swirls.

These will be shipped in double bags. This keeps down the cost and shipping size. Please add a Jar if you would like a container for this.

Product Tips: 

For use in cold process soap: Disperse in oil- add the desired amount to a small portion of your oils.

For use in Melt & Pour soap: Disperse in vegetable glycerine before adding to melted soap.

For use in bath bombs: Use in conjunction with water-soluble dyes. Disperse in oils before adding to mixture.

For use in wax: Disperse in fragrance oil before adding to the melted wax.

MSDS Information

Form: Powder
CI Name: Pigment Green 7
CI Number: 74260
CAS Number: 68258-82-2, 1328-53-6

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