Embeds Twinkle Bars

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Bath Bomb bars made by Especially for You.

These come in a set of 27 bars. 

This finish final colour of these will be pinky purple with shimmery glitter in the water.

The size is 6cm wide x 2cm high x 1cm depth. 


Tech specs

The colours and CI numbers will be printed onto the container.

These will need Polysorbate80 added to your bath bomb mixture to incorporate the glitter. 


Directions - Place in your bath bombs as you make them, you can stack them or lay them in different ways or break them into different shapes as needed. Get all the applause and high fives for fantastic bombs.

Please be aware mixing different colour combinations will result in different bathwater as a result. please experiment and enjoy to see which ones you like and which to avoid. 

Embeds are meant to colour the foam and make a pretty display and this is a subjective result based on your recipe, placement, this size of the bath etc. If you would like more help or information on how to do this please join our Facebook help group or message our Facebook page and we would like to guide you further.


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