Liquid Pigments - Colours

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These pigments have been brought in to use with our melt and pour soaps. Highly concentrated these are non-toxic, long-lasting and colour stable meaning they will not migrate or 'bleed' in your projects. Just add a few drops directly to your soap base and go crazy with fantastic colours. The really fun bit, of course, is when you get mixing! Create your own one of a kind colour with blends or layers.

These pigments can be used in other bath products and are highly versatile for bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts etc. Please be aware these colours are not recommended for lip balms or candles.

Alternatively, you can blend with water: add 1ml of dye to approximately 250ml water - this will provide a strong vivid colour. Please remember if using water in your products a preservative is recommended. 

*Caution, these Pigments will stain most objects due to the highly potent nature, please take care not to spill when using, wear gloves at all times and avoid directly on skin contact. 

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